Dr. Unarchiver: RAR & Zip Tool App Reviews

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It is an excellent application, I used another one that did not work well, many errors, this is very good, congratulations, a very good help to work with compressed files

Quick & Easy

I was sent an important RAR Archive file. I had never seen a file with that extension but the file contents were important. I did a search for RAR help & discovered this program had the highest reviews. Download...drag & drop...I had what I needed. THanks!

It’s really convenient!

Just by one click, it opens all files !


It’s really easy to use!

Very simple and efficient

This app “just works”. There is no extra features, but the simple function of unarchiving the compressed file gives the users the best experience. I hope that this app could be used by more and more people. It’s very stable, and automatic adjusts the parameters needed for opening the zipped file. There is no single complain from me.

Great app

Very convenient to use.

so far so good

It works and it does what it says

great app!

easy to use and works steady!

Simple Enough

Came across this app when unrarx was giving me issues. Unpacked my files quick and easy.

Great software

I love it


This is super cool.

so far so good

wonderful. i hope to see more of this.

fast & easy for a non techie

I was skeptical that this would be a complicated process but it worked right away!

Thank you for making this!

this app is really usefull i really really ike it


I downloaded this because of the great reviews it had. I was previously using iZip, but it was extremely slow for ATS mods, which is what I use this app for. This unarchiver did it very fast. Not only did it work well, but the app was easy to use, and looked very clean. Very Happy.

Feeling good

so quick

Works as advertised. Happy with the performance

This is the only unzipping app I have installed to try and it works without any issues. No advertisement is placed. Happy with the performance.

highly recommended

Awesome software!!! highly recomended!


works as advertises!!

این برنامه فوق العاده هست

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A little intrusive to me

This app works great, does it’s job, and is free. It should be 5 stars but it is slightly intrusive to me. It’s one of those apps that I feel is around too much. I feel this way about all the “Dr.” Apps. I have most of them though, because they do work and best of all are free. I can’t pinpoint it anymore than a feeling I have or maybe it’s just my own personal preference. People reading this might think I am a little cuckoo bu t I am writing about my experience, and I can’t describe it better than a gut instinct, really. It’s too bad that we can’t give 1/2 stars. This app would be a 4.5 for me.

Best RAR unarchiver app so far!

Free and easy to use. Great!

Absolutely the best one

The only free unzip app that meets all I need, deserving a 5star recommendation.


Useful, simple & simply great .

Simple and easy to use

Best one out there.




Free, fast, no ads. Excellent !


Was looking around to open RAR files , found this app helpfull


Used it one time. Easy to figure out and no trojans. Thx!

simple to use

Simple and easy to use. most importantly can un-archive files.

works great


So far so good

so far so good

Better than Expected

For a novice, I did it!!! It worked easily and smoothly!!!

It works great

It is a great application. I have not had any problem with it and it works fast!

Perfect if it can compress files

Only for open and save files. If compressed files can be done, that will be better!

Awesome App !!! :D

Great app very useful

Does exactly what I need it to do

Simple and intuitive, lets me browse the contents before opening, and then choose the extraction location.

Lo Mismo que la de Windows

Puedes comprimir y descomprimir Files como la Aplicacion de Windows Unzip Puedes comprimir y ponerle passwords o descompriir Files que tienen Passwords Obviamente sabiendo el Password para poder Abrir los Archivos. Grandiosa Aplicacion Habia probado otras del Mac_store pero no podia tener la Obcion de descomprimir si tenian password y supuestamente los descomprimia pero al momento de querer ver el Contenido no se Podia ver o no corria la aplicación o el File descomprimido..Lo recomiendo esta perfecta y lo mejor es que no hay ningun Costo es Gratis.

It’s GREAT to have you

Much better than other in the app store or web

Works for me

Easy to work with - like that it can scan rar files for malicious content

Great utility

opened the jfk files


Opened my zip files and extracted the contents quickly. Then directed them to the correct program.I had a question and support sent an email in just a short time explaining how it works.

Easy, Efficient, and FAST

This is such a great app - it’s so simple, and straight forward. You just drag the file and drop. Even my mom could figure this out! (No offense, Mom!) Amazing! If only every app was designed this brilliantly….

Mackeeper!!! Vírus abre paginas no safari

Essa merda tem o mackeeper que fica abrindo paginas indesejadas no safari! Nao instalem essa porcaria!!!

It’s okay. Forced review

Thanks for helping me unarchive the files. I wish the menu was easier to use and that I wasn’t asked to write a review every time. It seems to work, except when it doesn’t. Thank you for not charging!

Doesn’t show all files in multi-part RAR

Opening a multi-part archive will only show you the file(s) contained in that portion of the archive. Imagine you have an 3-part archive with “big.file”, that takes up the first two archive chunks, and “small.file” that is stored in the 3rd part. Opening part1 or part2 will only show you “big.file”.


real simple, easy, nice ui, ios app. Thanks!

Easy and Free!

It’s a good app. Easy to use and the best, it’s free! Thanks developers!

very good

very good app to use


I was sent a couple of files that were zipped which i never heard of and and no idea what to do. I googled it and ended up coming across this app. LIFE SAVER!!! OMG AMAZING!

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