Dr. Unarchiver: RAR & Zip Tool App Reviews

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Good App

But advertising and advertising and advertising and advertising and more advertising

Very happy customer

I was receiving rar files and needed something to open them. Looked it up in the App store and found this. So, far my short experience with this app is very good. It’s convenient and easy. Displays the file before opening up, which I like a lot.

Loved It!

This is exactly what I needed…Thank you for this great app

It’s a great app

It’s a great free app.

Best app

This app works very well



Works well, too many ads

First impressions are good - easy to use, and runs fast. My only complaint are the ads. Then again, it’s a free app.

Very good software

Excelent and easy...

Great program

Fast…free…and works perfectly!

Horrible modal windows and ads.

I am never going to buy any of your products if you cripple your app with no less than 10 ads for other apps of yours before I can complete one simple task. If it had worked as intended, that would be great. AS IS, it works as intended only after it constantly pesters you to try other products. That's worse than having nonintrusive banner ads. Whose bad idea was it to constantly drop modals in front of me when all I want is to open an archive someone couldn't be bothered to .zip?

Where other apps failed...

Have recently come across several RAR files that would not uncompress; of which, all the apps I normally use -- UnRarX, Mac Unarchiver, RAR Expander, etc. -- tell me the file is not a RAR file. Where all my unarchiving apps failed, Dr. Unarchiver succeeded without a hitch. Quick, too!


It couldn't unzip the first random zip64 file I threw at it. I uninstalled it and chose another free tool and that one worked.

This app makes it more complex

I finally had to uninstall this app because it made my archiving time consuming and painstaking job , i really hated archiving and opening compressed files after using this app..replaced it with izip , you guys are supposed to make app simpler and effective.. and this is not…sorry i tried for three months and finally uninstalled today.!!! Good bye…!!!

Deleted but still pops up

I have deleted the app but everytime I download a zipped file a notification pops up asking if I want to use the app to open the archive!

This App Saved the day!

I had a problem opening a zip file due to the content names in the sub folders being too long. Couldn’t even to get an apple tect to help me open it but this app did it! So happy!!! You saved my butt! Thanks for creating this app!!!

Too much sales pressure!

Got the job done with no pain but would have been quicker if they didn’t try to sell a million other things along the way.

Does what it says...

A fast and lightweight app that does what it says: uncompresses files. There is regular and secure extract - the latter which scans the files for viruses.

It works, it truly works!

Amazing! I’ve been looking for an app that actually can extract RAR files, none worked until I downloaded Dr. Unarchiver. Works 100%, I totally recommend it.

Really Awesome

Supports almost every archive you could imagine. Even NDS ROMs!

anti-virus advertising

freezes on list reload and open file dialog anti-virus advertising


It does the job… battling unzipping a 4.5GB file for hours until i installed this app and it did the trick.

Good app but it is complete nagware

Surprised that no one has mentioned this, but for some reason, my UnrarX program no longer works. It was great and completely nag free. This Dr. Unarchiver also works the same pretty much, but upon launching it prompts me to look at some other programs and almost every single file I open up in one archive, the program nags me about some other programs. Make free programs free of nags. It is quite simple. If there was a $3 option to get rid of these nags, I will consider it.

Excellent App

Fast and effective way to open zip files. Great product.

Not as good as The Unarchiver

I’m not sure why this app is rated higher than The Unarchiver, but The Unarchiver is a lot easier to use. This app comes with ads as soon as you open the app and it can’t even un-rar the file under the Downloads folder, it asks for permission but the “Allow” button is grayed out. I removed it and downloaded The Unarchiver and I can hit the ground running immediately!

Dr. Unarchiver

This app works flawlessly for me. Highly recommended

Perfect way to open Rar

I just want to say that this app delivers everything it promises and does it perfectly. Thank you developers for such a great app!!! I’d give it 6 stars if I could

super fast and easy to use

I was shocked to see that it didnt even take 5secs for a file to fully upload. Super fast and super easy to use and navigate

Great tool

Really enjoy the ability to examine the contents of the zip file before extracting the content.

very Good

Great App

really fast and helpful

I needed a quick solution to open RAR files and found this program. I could install it easily and open RAR files without any problem, on my Macbook. Thanks))


Dr Unarchiver popped up an ad out of nowhere. I’ve deleted it and emptied the trash.

Efficient and Easy

Does exactly what it says it does! Highly recommend!

方便 简单 快捷 免费

非常方便的一款软件 解压速度很快 不会让人感到不好用

Simple Install

Used it to extract some very large files (2Gigs +) simple to install and very easy to use. Highly recommended.

Excelente Descompresor Rar

Excelente para visualizar y descomprimir cualquier archivo .rar facil y rápido, sin mencionar que es completamente Gratis.

Like Dr.Cleaner

it’s obviously just as good as Dr. Cleaner (wich i also have), it helps tremendously, praise for all the wonderfull apps.


My last zip program had great reviews but whatever i downloaded would give me the error ‘can’t open this’ I thought it was the site untll I downloaded a file for work and it had the same issue. Turns out the zip program was breaking the exacutable file. This program was a life saver it works and theres no bloat. I LOVE it thank you so much for providing it.

Works Great

Needed to access a .RAR file, I was able to quickly open and extract the documents I needed.

Exciting when you get what you need!

Great app… Easy to use, does exactly what i need. Thanks.

Stupidly easy

I didn’t expect this to work so effortlessly- what a happy surprise. I installed the app, and was almost instantly able to open the zip files. No snags, no frustration walking through 8 steps. Easy peasy. Thanks!


Just perfect for .rar

Saved me

Had a corrupted file. Tried several solutions. None worked until I tried Dr. Unarchiver. Saved me from a lot of problems.


it really works

It’s Great

I took a chance thinking that it’s some sort of virus or something, but it actually really helped a lot with things I install.

Simple to use

I needed to get to a file and and the Dr. gave me a free visit at no charge! Simple to use and fast!

Es muy útil pero podria mejorar

La aplicación es muy útil considerando la limitante que hay de aplicaciones gratuitas. Funciona muy bien, pero podría mejorar si le agregan la opción de descompresión desde el mismo archivo. Gracias por su dedicación al desarrollo de la aplicación, es muy util.

Great App for RAR files

Needed a quick and simple App for opening big RAR files. This downloaded quickly and works flawlessly!! Thank you

quick and easy

For the occasional .rar or other compressed file format surprise delivery from one of my vendors that I need to turn around lightening fast, and for which I can afford no time or patience to mess around with app-this-and-that, this tool did the trick and continues to.

Works Great

Works great. What else can I say? oh, yah . . . . THANKS VERY MUCH. Old Guy 71 years old with a 2009 MacBook -High Sierra

Did everything I needed

Dr. Unarchiver accomplished everything I expected and needed. Excellent app! I highly recommend.

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