Dr. Unarchiver: RAR & Zip Tool App Reviews

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Works Great

Works great. What else can I say? oh, yah . . . . THANKS VERY MUCH. Old Guy 71 years old with a 2009 MacBook -High Sierra

Did everything I needed

Dr. Unarchiver accomplished everything I expected and needed. Excellent app! I highly recommend.

Great solution

Free, easy to use, and quickly solved my problem. Woohoo!

Dr. Unarchiver

The app does exactly what it says it will do with speed and precision. Don’t like the adware.

The best rar unzip software

The best rar unzip software

I am really happy with Dr. Unarchiver

I strongly recommend this app and it works wonderfully well. I am really happy with Dr. Unarchiver. Keep up the great work with the support you give.

best app for extract

Thanks this app is one of the best apps for unarchive the zip and RaR files


I like it!

Fast, trustful and easy

I try and waste my time trying most of the apps and i finally found it. i love it.

Worked great.

Couldn’t get a file to open with a few other programs. This one worked great.


I like it so far, thanks!

Ez and clean

Very clean interface with easy operations needed. Commend!

Good app

Very convinent!

The Doctor was able to save the patient!

I was skeptical, but took a chance on this app, I'm happy I did. It was able to extract a zip for a program that wouldn't otherwise run.

Thanks Dr U

I could not open a zip file with the default tool. Not for long - Dr U to the rescue. I was amazed at how fast it unarchived my files. Great product!

Que tenga la opción de comprimir

Que la aplicación tenga la opción de comprimir archivos en varios formatos (rar, 7z, zip, etc.). Y si es que lo tienen, que sea más visible. Muchas gracias

Nice and Easy to use

Pretty UI, highly functional, why not?

Simple and Easy to use!

This free decompressing app has achieved everything beyond my expectations. It is super easy to use and it looks absolutely fabulous. I would definately recommend this to anyone who is looking for a RAR & Zip opener!


its so easy…. AND FREE!!! you can even turn on notifications so if you download a file that might need extracting it will ask you if you want to? and if you do just click yes and if not you dont have to!!!! BEST APP !

Excellent App!

This app did exactly what I needed. Within minutes of downloading it, completely free, I was opening my necessary files. It works smoothly and does exactly what is promised. Although I have only just started using Dr. Unarchiver, I am certain that I will be using it on a regular basis from now on. Thank you for creating such a great tool for us Mac users. I will definitely recommend it to others!

Works as intended.

We all need an app like this to extract files. This one had a great rating and works as intended. Thanks! :)

This is useful uncompress tool !

Nice app !


Good Experience


I used this program for the first time, it did what I wanted very fast and easy.


This app was really great, especially while i was trying to get a few RAR files to open


I gave this program only two stars because it can only open one archive at a time. I open thousands of archives everyday, sometimes hundreds at a time as part of my job. This archive should be named redundant. It is redundant not only on one archive at a time (repeated open, unarchive, go to next) it also is redundant in virus protection. Most of us already have it. Why do it twice? Maybe if you fix those things it will be better. Good luck.

easy and free

It is an amazing application hulpful tool to have

very nice

very good!非常好用,不错!

Excellent !!!

Really esay to work with, pretty simple and fast. Really appreciate the fact that it is for free !!! Such apps save my days :)

Amazing except for one thing...

This would have been my go to app for extraction, except it won’t let me pull out individual files after the extraction. No matter what I did, when I would place a file somewhere else, the entire folder went with it. Also having trouble delete files that were I was done with them.

Great free app

Seriously, it works and it’s free, kudos to the coders, thank you. So I guess I should say more, well look, an app works, to the standards of Mac users is pretty cool. That it’s free and doesn’t carry any kind of payload, ala Windoze is great. Again, thanks guys (<- impersonal pronoun), cool app.

Super Fast Unpacker

This is by far the fastest and best unpacker app I’ve ever used!




It is an excellent application, I used another one that did not work well, many errors, this is very good, congratulations, a very good help to work with compressed files

Quick & Easy

I was sent an important RAR Archive file. I had never seen a file with that extension but the file contents were important. I did a search for RAR help & discovered this program had the highest reviews. Download...drag & drop...I had what I needed. THanks!

It’s really convenient!

Just by one click, it opens all files !


It’s really easy to use!

Very simple and efficient

This app “just works”. There is no extra features, but the simple function of unarchiving the compressed file gives the users the best experience. I hope that this app could be used by more and more people. It’s very stable, and automatic adjusts the parameters needed for opening the zipped file. There is no single complain from me.

Great app

Very convenient to use.

so far so good

It works and it does what it says

great app!

easy to use and works steady!

Simple Enough

Came across this app when unrarx was giving me issues. Unpacked my files quick and easy.

Great software

I love it


This is super cool.

so far so good

wonderful. i hope to see more of this.

fast & easy for a non techie

I was skeptical that this would be a complicated process but it worked right away!

Thank you for making this!

this app is really usefull i really really ike it


I downloaded this because of the great reviews it had. I was previously using iZip, but it was extremely slow for ATS mods, which is what I use this app for. This unarchiver did it very fast. Not only did it work well, but the app was easy to use, and looked very clean. Very Happy.

Feeling good

so quick

Works as advertised. Happy with the performance

This is the only unzipping app I have installed to try and it works without any issues. No advertisement is placed. Happy with the performance.

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