Dr. Unarchiver – RAR and Zip archive browser App Reviews

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Easy, Efficient, and FAST

This is such a great app - it’s so simple, and straight forward. You just drag the file and drop. Even my mom could figure this out! (No offense, Mom!) Amazing! If only every app was designed this brilliantly….

Mackeeper!!! Vírus abre paginas no safari

Essa merda tem o mackeeper que fica abrindo paginas indesejadas no safari! Nao instalem essa porcaria!!!

It’s okay. Forced review

Thanks for helping me unarchive the files. I wish the menu was easier to use and that I wasn’t asked to write a review every time. It seems to work, except when it doesn’t. Thank you for not charging!

Doesn’t show all files in multi-part RAR

Opening a multi-part archive will only show you the file(s) contained in that portion of the archive. Imagine you have an 3-part archive with “big.file”, that takes up the first two archive chunks, and “small.file” that is stored in the 3rd part. Opening part1 or part2 will only show you “big.file”.


real simple, easy, nice ui, ios app. Thanks!

Easy and Free!

It’s a good app. Easy to use and the best, it’s free! Thanks developers!

very good

very good app to use


I was sent a couple of files that were zipped which i never heard of and and no idea what to do. I googled it and ended up coming across this app. LIFE SAVER!!! OMG AMAZING!

Easy,fast,and free.

I needed a quick solution to open a RAR file and found this program with a quick search and I was impressed with how easily it was downloaded/installed on my MacBook Retina Pro. I find this software is very user friendly and easy to operate. I highly recommend this program to anyone that needs a quick solution to opening tall sorts of files. Another great thing I’ll bring up is that it’s 100% free and with no extra bloatware, unnecessary software installs. I was up n runnig within minutes. Highly recommend this program.

Works well for my simple needs

Dr. Unarchiver works quite well. Interface is relatively simple. Suits my needs so far. Have not used for joining split files as yet.

easy to use

this is a good app for most of new macbook users.

Unarchiving tool

Its an excellent tool .. i like it very much Only small hiccup is its a bit slow especially on scrolling in large archives.

great at war files

Easy to use, easy to open after. Thanks for developing this app

Nice App

The application looks sleek and is super easy to use. It is nice being able to preview different files before downloading everything. Highly recommend.

Works Seamlessly

Does exactly what it says it will do. Automatically sets itself to default for opening .RAR files and it couldn’t be any easier to navigate.

Worked perfectly

I had to download a file for school and other applications kept failing to open. So, I got Dr. Unarchiver and it worked the first time and all files work. Thank you

Need to get the ratings question to stop

Works well better than the one I had used prior to this.

Excellent App

This app resolve for me a big problem. Thanks


the easiest yet the best program i have on my MacBook.

Easy to use!

It was fast and self explanatory and it opened my file immediately.


Fast and can view without extraction


Works super easily, and has zero issues. The best unzipper I’ve found thus far.

Extremely Easy to Use & Very Helpful!

Very easy to use, drag and drop. I love it!

Very useful application.

Very useful app. Works great.

Simple and gets the job done

I’ve used several .rar and .zip extracting apps for years, but I’ve only had this app for a week and this is the best I’ve used. I like being able to see the content before extracting. Being able to extract a variety of formats is major plus!

My default unarchiver. Works most of the time.

My default unarchiver. Works most of the time. Once in a while. it cant unarchive a file. I dont know if it is the app, or the file. I just open it with a different app

Love It

I am a huge Sims 4 player. I use a lot of custom content in my games and when I ran across a website that shared .zip + .rar files, I was completely confused as to what to do next. I knew how to extract files in Windows, but I was clueless with MacOSx. So I decided to download this to my Macbook Pro and I am super happy with my decision. This takes the guesswork out of it. It was extremely easy to open and extract files to my MODS folder on Sims 4. Definitely recommend this app. Love it!

dr unarchiver

nice and easy

Simple and does the job

There is pretty much nothing to this application except for a clean interface on a well made file unarchiver. It also offers virus scanning if you use an add on application from Trend Micro. Well done, thanks.

Had my doubts

Downloaded this bad boy and does exactly what it says. Helped me extract albums on albums.


Works fine 👍🏻🌹

Worked right out of the box

Couldn’t have been easier, with a great looking interface. Would have paid $5-$10 for this

Does what it advertises!

Absolutely Useful, amazing, and just all-round useful!

Very Useful!!

Highly recommended free app!


I had some .rar files that i needed right away and this app saved my life. Thank you so much.

Time Saver and stress reliever

works well..i hate zip files and i understand the necessity of them being smaller for downloads. this little ap takes all the stress away..great.


It works very fast!

Great free app

I used Unarchiver before stumbling upon this. Unarchiver lacked the possibility to preview the content of an archive. Completelly free and does everything you need with archives.

Worked the way I wish other apps worked - Great!

I was surprised that Sierra didn't have a program to deal with RAR files. This came in real handy right in the middle of a publishing deadline.

Works like a charm

Fast and simple.

Easy and Useful

Currently using this app on my new MacBook, I use alot of emulators and the file are in .Rar format. Dr. Unarchiver is simple and does the job I need it to so that I can extract my ISO files for retro gaming.

Awesome Program

This is an incredible program. I can’t believe I found a RAR program on MAC that works flawlessly. Plus, the developers seem like cool, down to earth people. How could you not like this program? Thank you guys!


Much more reliable than Zipeg in opening files!

Me gusta

Es facil y rapido para usar

Easy! Effective!

All you have to do is drag, drop, and choose where you want the extracted files to go. Really couldn’t be any easier. Super user friendly, gets the job done.

Only used for sims

I only use this for my sims mods and custom content. Its amazingly simple and fast.

Useful and works like a charm!

I’ve tried several different unarchiver utilities and this one works smoothly, quickly, and without crashing (especially with large archives). I feel comfortable recommending this to family, friends and colleagues!

The best application to join split files

I tried some other similar applicaction but this is the most complete you can found. You can have a look inside the compressed file and it works great to extract and join split files, some other solutions just crash in the middle of the process.


This unarchiver (un-zip, un-rar) will handle just about anything you throw at it and unlike other ‘unarchivers’, it displays a graphical interface PRIOR to you unzipping or unraring your file(s). Handles .zip, .rar, .7z, .lha which is what I typically use. Handles much more, I just have not tested yet so I will not include in my review. I have a paid unarchiver and this does much more. Can’t get better than this on the MAC.



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